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A cataract is a progressive clouding of the eye’s natural lens that interferes with light passing through to the retina.

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According to the American Academy of ophthalmology, more than half of all Americans will have developed cataracts by age 80.

A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye which can cause one’s vision to become blurry. They are common with age and can occur in one or both eyes. The clouding usually occurs slowly but can happen quickly, especially after trauma to the eye.

While cataracts are not painful, they do cause many symptoms.

Cataract lens

  • Blurry vision
  • Glare while driving or reading
  • Dull colors
  • Changes in your glasses prescription
  • Double vision in one eye
  • Feeling of a ‘film’ over the eyes. 


New advances and techniques have made cataract  surgery one of the most successful and life improving surgical procedures performed. We offer the latest procedures available to help remove cataracts and restore your vision with intraocular lenses.

Most cataract suscott surgeryrgeries are performed on an outpatient basis and more than 98% of surgeries improve vision.

Dr Scott has extensive training in removing cataracts and successfully restoring vision.

Your eyesight is a precious gift, let us help you preserve it for a lifetime.