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scott coupleI always enjoy my visits to Dr. Scott’s office. The staff is very accommodating and the atmosphere is always warm and friendly, not to mention how compassionate Dr. Scott truly is. My surgery experience was painless just as he said it would be. It is now nice to see without wearing my glasses. I will certainly tell everyone how wonderful my experience was. – Rose S.


Thank you for thoroughly explaining everything about my cataract surgery. Initially, I was very scared, but Dr. Scott’s care put me at ease. The improvement in my vision is remarkable and I am less dependent on my glasses. I have already told many people of my pleasant experience with Dr. Scott. – Thelma T.


Dr. Scott’s office is very spacious and comfortable and his staff is extremely kind. When my wife had a traumatic emergency with her eye, we were seen promptly and taken care of in a professional manner. Her eye has since healed up quite well. Thank you. – George P.


I never thought I would be able to see this well again! I havent had eyesight like this in over 20 years! Thanks to cataract surgery with Dr. Scott, I only have to use my glasses for reading now. Thank you so much. – Milton J.


I was legally blind in both eyes. After surgery with Dr. Scott, I can now see and read without glasses. – Laura G.


I had a growth on my eyelid for many years. I was always self-conscious and embarrassed about it, until Dr. Scott informed me about surgery. After the operation, I was impressed with the results and my confidence has finally been restored. I am so happy I went through with it and Im fortunate to have done my surgery with Dr. Scott. – Mary W. 


My surgery was surprisingly painless. Fortunately, Dr. Scott’s staff also made me feel relaxed, which helped to relieve my anxiety. I am still amazed by the improvement in my eyesight and I will recommend Dr. Scott and his office to everyone I know! – Louis E. 


The environment at Dr. Scott’s office is very comfortable. A visit to his office is always stress-free and his facilities are among the best of any doctor’s office I’ve been to. The optician was very knowledgeable and professional and I selected a very sturdy and stylish pair of glasses, which really fit my face. I am now seeing better than ever! I’m happy someone finally got my prescription right! – David P.


I am grateful for modern day technology and the great work that Dr. Scott does. My surgery was trouble-free and the results are astounding. Dr. Scott and his staff are true professionals. I highly recommend Dr. Scott to anyone having cataract surgery. His surgical skills and expertise are beyond impressive. – Ullesses T.